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Gina Killmer has a ravenous sexual appetite – and everyone knows it. Especially her boyfriend. Today, he’s been sent out to bait some bitch to liven up their sex life. When he spots Velvet pedaling her wears on the side of the highway, he knows he’s found the woman for him and Gina. He decides to kidnap her – even though Velvet doesn’t seem to particularly mind one bit! When they get back to the house, the boyfriend holds Velvet’s arms behind her back while Gina inspects her. She then forces her new lady friend down to her knees and thrusts her boyfriend’s cock in her mouth. This crazy female dominatrix then forces Velvet on her hands and knees and invites her boyfriend to fuck their new friend like a dog! Velvet will be forced to submit to all of Gina Killmer’s filthy ideas. That’s just how it works when you’re a submissive slut playing this nasty bitch’s games!

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Bondage Orgasms - Zooming BDSM Lesbian Lifestyles

A strange gloved villian grabs Natali coming out of the shower. When Natali wakes up, he laughs at her and says "you are going to have fun and enjoy this". Natali's thumbs and elbows, and legs and big toes are tied in a leather restraint so she can't do much but roll around on the bed, helpless. Natali wakes again and she is tied up to a chair unable to move at all unless she wants to pull on her thumbs that are connected to her toes. Then she's tied in a strict screwdriver position with legs back as far as they will go exposing her ass for a string of butt beads. Will Natali ever escape?

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