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Femdom Ball Busting
Womens crack nuts their mens

Brutal Ball Busting Videos, Cock and Ball Torment, and Loads of Bitchy Women Brutally Kicking Balls!
Brutal Ball Busting Videos. Bitchy dominatrix womens brutally and extremely kicking swollen balls

ball kick domination
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Club Dom - Brutally Real Female Domination

Club Dom - Brutally Real Female Domination
Cheyenne and Jean have their sluts flat on their backs. The ladies begin jerking the boys off with their feet. Cheyenne informs the slaves that whoever shoots their cum the furthest wins. What is at stake here? The loser gets will be fucked in the ass with not only his own cum but also the cock use from the other slave. As ladies squeeze their tight feet around their slut's dicks, Cheyenne muses, "One of these boys is probably such a faggot he'll lose on purpose." Jean laughs, "Yes, one of the bitch's probably wants to be fucked with another man's cum. Both of the slave's shoot their male filth. The cum is measured and a lucky loser is selected. Jean bends him over a bar stool. Her black cock is dripping with cum. She pounds the slave in the ass with 10 hard inches. She asks the bitch how it feels to have another man's hot cum in his ass. Jean grabs his worthless balls and squeezes them as he drills his fuck hole, laughing at him all the while

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Teen in CBT
Stepping on gardeners nuts, attempting to make them burst with the weight of her entire leg
Teen Mistress Tortures Slave
Extreme force kicking and kneeing the naked gardener in the nuts
Chayse Evans FemDom Discipline
Well-placed slaps, kicks, and punches bring the guy to his knees, but Chayse isn't having any of that and demands he get up again... so she can whip him with the cat o'nine tails and slap him some more. All this is accompanied by a steady stream of insult
Chayse Evans FemDom Discipline1
Here we have moer whipping, more slapping...and, finally, a chance for the poor fellow to get off as Chayse jerks him and stops abusing him... momentarily
Chayse Evans FemDom Discipline2
We have one serious dominatrix here. Chayse slaps her guy around... but that's just for starters. The bitch has a cat o'nine tails and knows how to use it... all over the unfortunate dude's body. After spitting on his dick a couple of times, she shows off
Blond Ballbusting3
Delivering more swift kicks to his nutsac as he lies on the floor, she finally allows him to j/o, and from the hardness of his dick, it seems he really liked her rough and brutal treatment
Blond Ballbusting1
The cute blonde has a mean kick. She can easily raise her leg and foot to knee or kick the guy she's with in the nuts. While kicking him, she insults him, too. Then she squeezes his nuts and punches them repeatedly with her fist. It's a wonder he's not do
MILF BB & Blowjob1
The MILF knees Frankie in the balls and kicks his cock and balls quite a few times -- HARD -- before finally getting down to sucking his dick
MILF BB & Blowjob
A spirited MILF and an older foreign gent get together for some fun and games. Her idea of "fun" involves biting him... hard... on his man-tit, on his legs, on his torso... and yes, she does work her way to biting his cock too
Insane Hooker Ballbusting Cockbiting
After he licks her boots, she sucks his cock but gets annoyed with him and spits on his cock and balls. Then she bites and chomps on his equipment and verbally derides him.
Insane Hooker Ballbusting Cockbiting1
She is totally cuckoo -- and he is totally soft, as in flaccid, as in can't get it up... and she lets him hear about it! The abuse in this clip is largely verbal
Hypnotist Ballbuster3
She bites and chews on his cock and balls, hurting him with her vigorous teeth-action, but in the end he jerks off onto her and sperms her face with his potent jizz
Hypnotist Ballbuster1
He hypnotizes her and then jacks off on her dirty feet, but she gets the last laugh as those feet get revenge by kicking him repeatedly in the groin
Drunken FemDom Ballbusting1
The maniacally laughing blonde takes great pleasure in kneeing and kicking two guys in the balls as well as "breaking their balls" verbally with copious insults about their manhood

Office Facesitting and Ballbusting1
After more abuse, she and he engage in simultaneous masturbation, but then it's back to abuse and threats of cutting his dick off with a knife. She does, however, jerk him off to a jizzingly satisfactory climax that results in his sperming her milky white
Office Facesitting and Ballbusting
In an office setting, a blonde kicks and punches a beefy guy in the nuts. She finally strokes him nicely, but only after inflicting much pain first
Ashley 2 Pierce3
Her teeth do a major number on his shaft and then she bites the hell out of his balls. After promising not to "hurt you anymore from this point on," she strokes his cock but then slaps it with all her might before stroking agin.
Ashley 2 Pierce1
Ashley rubs her sweaty, stinky ass all over the man's face before kicking him in the nuts and digging her fingernails into his balls. She squeezes his nutsac and flicks his nuts with her finger.
Ebony BallBusting3
She kicks and knees him in the balls, bites and gnaws on his dick, but finally jerks him off till he sperms her body
Ebony BallBusting1
She's smiling all the while she tortures the Oriental-looking man with the small dick and balls. She threatens him with a long, sharp sword, sawing at the base of his balls and cock and then, when at last she relents about the swordplay, standing up and k
Brunette Ballbusting3
She squashes his balls with her ass, then proffers him her pussy to lick. Finally she gets down to sucking him but spends as much time biting him and making him cry out in pain
Brunette BallBusting1
The brunette cougar smothers a guy by face-sitting him, then jerks his cock, stuffs her G-string in his mouth, and demands he lick her ass
Serena Suarez 23
Sucking him proves useless--he cannot get it up. She takes a sword and threatens to slice his balls off but settles for repeatedly punching him in the ballsac
Serena Suarez 21
Serena Suarez is one mean bitch. A hairy-legged guy with a small dick is dragging his dick up and down her asscrack, but she tires of that and begins kicking him repeatedly in the nuts while cursing him out
Sunny 1 Frankie3
In a jail cell, he laps at her cunny and brings her pleasure, which she repays by sucking and biting his cock and his nuts, but she does get him off at the end and allows him to sperm her face
Sunny 1 Frankie1
He's chained to a rocky outcropping while wearing a leather pouch. She kicks and slaps him in the nuts and uses the spike heel of her shoe to hurt his ballsac-- badly
Sophie 23
She smothers him by sitting on his face, kicks him in the nuts, and smacks his ass hard with her hand. But she does jerk him off till he spooges on her tit
Sophie 21
A drunken Sophie slaps around a fellow in priest's vestments
Drunken FemDom Ballbusting 3
"You make a good fuckin' chew toy" she says as she bites his cock, after calling him a pathetic loser for spending his Friday night getting repeatedly kicked in the nuts

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