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Foot Domination
Lick and kiss beautiful feet
Foot Dom
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Club Dom - Brutally Real Female Domination

Club Dom - Brutally Real Female Domination
Cheyenne and Jean have their sluts flat on their backs. The ladies begin jerking the boys off with their feet. Cheyenne informs the slaves that whoever shoots their cum the furthest wins. What is at stake here? The loser gets will be fucked in the ass with not only his own cum but also the cock use from the other slave. As ladies squeeze their tight feet around their slut's dicks, Cheyenne muses, "One of these boys is probably such a faggot he'll lose on purpose." Jean laughs, "Yes, one of the bitch's probably wants to be fucked with another man's cum. Both of the slave's shoot their male filth. The cum is measured and a lucky loser is selected. Jean bends him over a bar stool. Her black cock is dripping with cum. She pounds the slave in the ass with 10 hard inches. She asks the bitch how it feels to have another man's hot cum in his ass. Jean grabs his worthless balls and squeezes them as he drills his fuck hole, laughing at him all the while

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Interview with a Trampler 2
She takess off her shoes and tramples and jumps on his scrawny chest and ribcage, then grinds her foot into his face. Finally we get to see her feet from his point of view as the sole of one foot and then the other approaches the camera lens
Interview with a Trampler 2
A blonde in low-heeled chartreuse sandals threatens to crush her victim's chest as she walks on him, and does a damn fine job of trying to make good on her threat. She walks on him and even jumps up and down a little on his scrawny chest.
Best of Trample 5-4
Three girls with tights on their legs but bare crotches have fun stepping on and walking on a jeans-clad man, who moves his body and head and dislodges them as they take turns trying to walk from his crotch up to his face.
Best of Trample 5-4
Whoever dreamed up the stunt in this clip is a fuckin' twisted genius. We see three girls, a guy, and a jumprope. In the traditional manner, two of the girls turn the rope while the third girl jumps. Only, she's standing ON the guy and, when the rope comes around and she jumps, she tries to stay on him when she jumps. Each of the girls has a turn, and each of the girls misses and gets entangled in the rope, but the guy gets jumped on plenty!
Best of Trample 3-3
A stocking-clad blonde walks up and down a man who is dressed and talks to him as she tramples him
Queens of Trample 4
In a bit of a backstage peek, we (through one camera) watch how another camera gets the close-up shots of the girls' feet from the man's point of view. There are also interviews with the actresses and actor
Queens of Trample 4
A blonde and a brunette trample a hapless, helpless man at the foot of a stairway. They jump on him and off him repeatedly, while he moves his hands to protect his cock and balls
Something About Mary Jane 2
Clad in mesh stockings, she orders him to suck on her feet. When he fails to comply, she steps on his face and tramples his belly. Finally he acquiesces and sucks as he has been told to
Something About Mary Jane 2
A blonde in platform heels steps heavily on a man's chest and gives him the heels to suck on. Then she takes off her shoes, leaving her mesh stockings on, tromps on him some more, and gives him her stockinged feet to lick and suck on
Queens of Trample 1
A blonde and a brunette take on two men and kick one of them with bare feet.
Queens of Trample 1
In a scene shot mainly for laughs, a blonde and a brunette first encounter some sort of dummy in the shape of a torso of a man, complete with a molded cock. The cock is no match for the women's high-heeled shoes, with which they stomp repeatedly on the molded cock, cracking the plastic to much laughter. Later they take on a live male, who is lying on the floor in his underpants and laughing... till they start jumping on him.
Best of Trample 3-4
Shot entirely from the man's point of view, this clip lets us watch a mistress thrust her foot in the man's face (an extreme camera close up) , wiggle her toes, and then jump up and down on him as he lies there.
Best of Trample 3-4
A barefoot brunette mistress with a rounded tummy (might she be slightly preggers?) jumps up and down on the chest of a groaning victim
Best of Trample 4-1
A different woman tromps all over a supine ma, barefoot, then puts shoes on and walks all over him again and gives him her shoe to lick clean
Best of Trample 4-1
A brunette wearing only panties gazes into the bathroom mirror while standing on a man's body as he lies on the cold bathroom tiled floor. She steps on his face and gives him her feet, complete with toe ring, to suck on
Queens of Trample 3
One of the women jumps from several steps up an adjacent stairway onto the man, waiting below. When the blonde and the brunette have had their fun wiith the intended victim, one of the camera crew gets into the act and tries out being trampled just for laughs. The blonde, the brunette, and the camera crew all have fun with that.
Queens of Trample 3
A lucky fellow is the recipient of the attentions of a blonde and a brunette, who take turns trampling him as he lies on the floor. They aim at his torso, his neck, and his crotch
Best of Trample 4-3
The man grimaces as the brunette grinds her foot into the side of his face, steps most heavily on his crotch, and gives him her bare toes to suck.
Best of Trample 4-3
A barefoot brunette walks up and down a man, stepping on his face, while holding onto a stair railing to keep her balance
Best of Trample 5-2
First we see things from the woman's viewpoint, as she looks down while stepping on the man's face. Then we take the man's point of view, looking up at the blonde as she tromps on him and we gt good views of her creased feet as the bear down on his face
Footslave Prophecies 2 - 2
After being well trampled, he shows his abilities as a foot slave, licking and sucking her pedal extremities

Oddessy 2
A girl stands in front of a bathroom mirror, primping ... but she is standing on a man, who groans but makes no complaint. She offers him her foot to suck, and he does so eagerly. Later, out in a room that appears to be a den, she now has shoes on and tramples him with them. She gets dressed while standing on the man, who is again groaning but in no way protesting, and she bounces around on him a little.
Best of Trample 6-4
She not only tramples him but bounces on him, kickes his dick, and kicks his face
Best of Trample 6-4
A brunette tramples not only a man's face and belly but also his cock
Best of Trample 2-2
The man, leashed and collared, must bear up under serious verbal abuse and humiliation by the three Dominatrices, who take turns standing on him or all three get on him at once. One FemDom enlists the aid of the other two in standing on the man's face. With one girl on either side of her, steadying her balance, the blonde stands heavily on the humiliated dude's face
Best of Trample 2-2
Three Dominatrices, wearing high heels and carrying whips, take on one subservient male, whom they stand on, kick, kick the cock of ... and naturally they use those whips they're carrying, too.
To Serve Women 1
A blonde goddess with suntanned legs bounces lightly on the oversized, hairy belly of a bearded dude. She is wearing strappy high-heeled shoes, and those heels must dig in terribly with every bounce she takes.
Best of Trample 5-3
Two girls, one dressed, one half-dressed, stand on a submissive male so that he has to put up with the weight of both at once. One of the two (the dressed one) mainly stands still, but the half-dressed blonde is nearer his head and steps on his face, "toes" his lips, tells him to kiss her toes, and bounces on him a little.
Best of Trample 3-1
Now naked (and still barefoot), the Misstress jumps up and down on her victim some more and gives him her bare foot to suck on again.
Best of Trample 3-1
A dark-haired Mistress in pointy-toed black heels bounces up and down on the chest of her victim. She proffers him her filthy shoe bottoms to lick clean, then removes her shoes, bounces on him some more, and gives him her bare foot to lick ad suck on. She mashes down on his face with her bare foot. He does a LOT of groaning, but we notice he makes no attempt to dislodge her from him.
Best of Trample 3-5
Mistress, now barefoot, jumps up and down repeatedly on the submissive's chest and offers him her dirty feet and toes to to lick clean and suck on. We see some great viewpoint shots from the submissive's point of view as wll as more usual camera angles
Best of Trample 3-5
The impact of the honey blonde's platform shoes with spike heels adds to the impact of her weight as she walks across the chest of a man. Though her submissive tells Mistress that he enjoys what she's doing, he sure groans awfully loudly with each step she takes.
Footslave Prophecies 1-1
First our blonde Mistress du jour feeds her foot to her slave to lick clean. Then she steps all over him. Then she feeds him her foot again. He groans and gripes, but to no avail. When a Mistress wants to trample a slave or have him clean her feet, there's nothing for it but to do as she wants ... or else!
Footslave Prophecies 1-1
"Does it hurt?" asks the blonde in the blue and acrylic platform heels as she tromps all over her victim. His groaned response sounds like a "Yes!" but she continues stepping all over him. Later she asks, "Are you complaining?" He probably is, but she keeps right on walking on him, first shod and then barefoot. His facial expression also conveys pain ... but she doesn't seem to care a whit.
Best of Trample 4-6
"Lick the bottom of my foot," the suntanned brunette wearing denim cut-offs tells the lean man she's trampling barefoot. And, when he does, she instructs him, "Now the other one." Later -- after she jumps on him a few times -- she asks, "You like that, don't you?" and he admits, "Yeah." One more inductee to the world of trampling.
Best of Trample 4-6
While wearing acrylic platform heels, a woman heavily, seriously tramples a skinny guy. Then, barefoot, she jumps on him
Trample Factory 2
A brunette tramples two men. "Does it hurt?" she asks one of them. "In a good way," he replies. She talks to them about trampling and, at the end of the convo, slaps them both
Trample Factory 2
A blonde, a brunette, and a brownette trample two different men, both with shoes on and barefooted, jumping on one man's stomach, and giving him their feet to lick.
Best of Trample 1-5
As the blonde jumps up and down on the man, he is required to count each jump ... and say "Thank you" for each one. She offers him her shoes to lick the soles of and suck the heels of, which we view from his point of view, then she takes off her shoes and proffers her stocking-clad feet to him for him to lick, suck, and smell.
Best of Trample 1-5
In black patent high heels, a gorgeous blonde walks on a man's body. She offers him her shoe to lick, the heel of the shoe to suck, then takes the shoes off and shows off her stocking-clad leg, stroking it sensually with her hands.

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